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Uncontested Divorce

Kaufman County & Van Zandt County

Agreed / Uncontested Divorce

TOTAL COST $1500.00
or 4 payments of $400
This fee includes all filing fees & court costs!

(The filing fee alone is $233 in Kaufman County, and that is INCLUDED in the $1500.)

This fee includes drafting, preparing and filing of an agreed divorce petition, waiver of citation, final decree, withholding order, information sheet on Suit Affecting Family Relationship, and child support forms.

You have children or property? . . . Your cost is the same.

Take the worry out of your divorce, a lawyer will draft and review all the needed documents, obtain a court date, and appear in court with you.

Let me know if you have any questions. FAQ

Kenneth P. Gober, III
Attorney at Law


You are welcome to call me with any questions you have.


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 Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:    What is an Uncontested Divorce?
        A:     An uncontested divorce in Texas (also called an: agreed divorce) is when both 
                spouses agree to the terms of the divorce, including: Separation of Property 
                (assets and debts), Standard Child Custody, the spouse who is not filing the 
                divorce petition waives service of citation.

Q:    Can I just get some forms online and do a "do it yourself divorce"?
        A:    Yes, you have the right to represent yourself pro se; however, be cautious as 
                there may be areas of the law that you may not understand.  Our uncontested 
                divorce representation includes having a licensed attorney work on your case 
                every step of the way.

Q:    I want a quick divorce, how fast can I get an uncontested divorce in Texas?
        A:    The fastest you can get a divorce in Texas is 61 days.

Q:    Do you accept a checks or credit cards?
        A:     Yes.

Q:    At what point do you become my divorce lawyer?
        A:     The attorney-client relationship is not created until you have signed a letter 
                agreement with our law firm and made payment.

Q:    I don't know where my spouse is, will that be a problem?
        A:     You will need to find your spouse in order to have an uncontested divorce in 
                Texas.  If you cannot find your spouse, but believe that your spouse will agree 
                to an uncontested divorce, our law firm may be able to help you locate your 
                spouse using public information (note that this service may be subject to 
                additional costs).

Q:    I'm not sure if my spouse will agree to an uncontested divorce, what should I do?
        A:    Often times, when a spouse who is opposing the divorce learns that you are 
               serious about the divorce and that agreeing to the divorce will be much cheaper 
               than contesting the divorce; that spouse will agree to the divorce.  One tactic is 
               to hire our firm for the agreed divorce service, we will prepare all of the needed 
               divorce forms and divorce petition, and mail all of the needed documents to your 
               spouse.  At that point your spouse can sign the documents and mail them back 
               to our office.

Q:    I'm not sure if my divorce is an "uncontested divorce" what should I do?
        A:    Call our office, or fill-out the contact form above and type in your questions.  We 
                are happy to take the time to discuss you case in order to determine if our 
                services are right for your divorce.
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